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Hi, i'm Joannah

From a very early age I have always been aware that animals have no voice and sometimes we need to think hard about what they need! For me, welfare, compassion and security is paramount. 

From the age of 18 I began to rescue unwanted animals. My first was an English Setter who in his playful way thought it was okay to have the local sheep as buddies! Have to say the Farmer didn't agree!!

Bodie became my first rescue. From then over the years I have had two other rescue Dogs and three rescue cats. Nothing makes me happier knowing that I made a difference in assuring their lives were complete with all the love and trust in me they truly deserved.

There's No Place like Home

You can't help but worry that in your absence your pets are safe whether it be a long day at the office, a weekend away or even your hard earned annual leave, I would use the Cattery or the Kennels which were  always first class. I found though, when I collected them they would ignore me for days after, this assured me it was; regardless of safety they were traumatised by being taken away from their environment. I decided to have a resident pet sitter in my home and have never looked back.

Nothing is worse than putting your pet in a cage and walking away especially if they are rescue animals as they are far more susceptible in that environment.


Petalls is my small family run

business based in Wroxall on the Isle of Wight.

Enhanced DBS [ disclosure and barring service ] and fully insured to give you added peace of mind and assurance that your pets and property are being cared for  to the highest standard.