Is my cat in pain?

It can sometimes be difficult to know if your cat is in pain as they are very good at masking the signs.

Cats will rarely display signs of weakness or distress. This comes from a deep natural instinct of survival making them less vulnerable to predators.

"Human drugs and painkillers are highly toxic to cats. Only use medicines prescribed by a vet.

Subtle signs

Cats may only display subtle signs of distress which can be easily missed or put down to old age [ 11- 14 years ] such as avoiding being petted or handled, quiet, lack of grooming, playing less and sleeping more often.

Many people believe that a dry nose on a cat is a sign of pain or illness.

The truth is that a cats nose can alternate between wet and dry several times a day but may be a sign of dehydration.

More obvious signs

More obvious signs may be agitation, crying, growling, hissing, limping, rapid shallow breathing, sensitivity to light, change in toilet habits including diarrhoea, reduced or no appetite, vomiting, head pressing, reluctance to walk or move.

In these circumstances you would be well advised to consult a vet at the earliest opportunity.

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